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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Ruby joined Mamacita, Sputnik, and Rucksack on our hike this morning, and fit right in with the pack. Ruby was a little hesitant to drink from the CamelBak spout during our first water break, but she took to it more easily afterwards. Mamacita dug a patch in the dirt while we were hanging out in the shade during one break, and lied down in it to cool off. As has become her custom, she lingered in the stream for as long as possible when we made a stop there later on. Ruby stayed in the water with Mamacita just as long, while Sputnik and Rucksack were happy with a quick dunk.

Variety Pack

Milo, Griff, Ruby, and Zoey walked the Boulder Creek Path together this afternoon. We mostly kept to the dirt foot-path that largely runs beneath the shade of the trees lining the creek. Ruby woofed a little bit at a skateboarder who passed by on the paved path a short distance away. There weren't any ducks or geese around to get the pack worked up - even when we passed by the kids' fishing pond, where fowl typically hang out.

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