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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Griff and Colby raced each other through the brush this morning, while Racer and Sputnik looked on with excitement. When she wasn't busy chasing Griff around, Colby walked right alongside the rest of the pack. Griff wandered a bit more. He was very interested in sniffing at the end of an old, large-diameter pipe beside the trail. After seeing Griff's interest, Sputnik followed up by also giving the area a thorough sniff. Racer's pulling has gradually been growing more manageable, as she is starting to become more aware of sticking with her packmates.

Variety Pack

Isaac and Zoey spent lots of time in the pond at the CU South Campus trail loop this afternoon. Ruby and Mamacita also dove in, but Isaac and Zoey really got into it and swam around after tennis balls that I and other dog guardians threw into the pond for them. After that, Isaac found some dark, black muck to flop around in - so we circled back to the pond to rinse him off before heading out, just as some storm clouds and thunder started rolling in. Zoey had followed Isaac toward the muck; but, thankfully, she didn't get anywhere near as messy as Isaac.

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