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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Ruffers was very excited to come out with her packmates again, after having a long break before she returned last week, and Sputnik greeted her in the packmobile with kisses. The pack walked along the Boulder Creek Path today. Ruby, Sputnik, and Rucksack kept pulling over to the side of the path to sniff around in the grass and bushes. Ruby was the one who really made the most of our stop in the creek today, as she lay down, stretched out, and rested with her head floating just above the water. The rest of the pack also enjoyed a dip, but nobody else got as soaked as Ruby - even Mamacita only hopped in and waded around briefly before getting back out.

Variety Pack

Zoey, Ruby, Roger Roger, and Griff were all full of energy at the dog park this afternoon. Zoey, Griff, and Roger Roger were all very interested in fetching tennis balls. Griff and Roger Roger had some very tight races to try to snag it first. Roger Roger usually came away with it, but Griff beat him to it a few times. Meanwhile, Ruby ran around and greeted all the other nearby dogs. All four of today's pack members were into the kiddie pool. They took turns in twos - and sometimes threes - to splash around in the water and cool off.

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