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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Racer is definitely starting to pay more attention to signals instead of charging all-out in every direction as soon as she gets going. She waited her turn - when I called her by name - to hop out of the packmobile, patiently letting Sputnik out ahead of her without any attempt to slip through. However, all that discipline evaporated when we approached Boulder Creek for a break along the way. Everyone was excited to get in, but Racer charged down the bank and into the water with reckless abandon, almost pulling me in with her. Griff, Colby, and Sputnik all enjoyed getting into the water as well, but they were thankfully a bit more composed in their approach. Colby was surprisingly calm today even as we passed through a busy roadwork area with lots of people and noisy trucks on Arapahoe.

Variety Pack

Mamacita shouldered down into the grass and went for a good, long wiggle at a park we passed along the Bear Creek Path. This grabbed little Zoe's attention completely, and she started pouncing around all over Mamacita and licking at her face. Isaac and Ruby soon joined in to wiggle around in the grass beside Mamacita, and little Zoe had fun hopping around between all the big, silly dogs. Meanwhile, big Zoey was content to just sniff around in the grass, without getting down for a wiggle.

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