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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Sputnik and Mamacita wanted to sniff around a lot in the bushes along the dirt foot path beside Boulder Creek. We made our way along the creek slowly, while they investigated all the scents to be found. Rucksack and Zoe were more forward-focused and just wanted to keep moving. When we made our first stop at the creekside, Zoe hung out on the bank while the others all got wet. When we stopped at the water again later, Zoe waded in and spent a while in the water. The other dogs had returned to shore while Zoe was still wading around, but then Rucksack rejoined her in the water. Zoe climbed on rocks to match Rucksack's height as he hung out beside her.

Variety Pack

Roger Roger and Zoey trotted along side-by-side while Isaac followed behind me and Ruby took up position at my other side, as we made our way around Wonderland Lake. The heat wasn't too bad when we first set out, and some shaded stretches helped keep it feeling cooler for a while; but we hit a long stretch without shade and the sun was really beating down. We made a couple stops for the dogs to sniff around early on in the walk. During the latter stretch, we just made our way through the heat and took some breaks in the shade when we could.

Roger Roger and Zoey trotted along side-by-side, while Isaac and R

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