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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Zoe and Sputnik were very interested in each other today. They've already hiked together a couple times, but only took a passing interest in each other. It seems like Zoe has been focusing on getting to know her knew packmates one at a time. She spent a lot of time sniffing Milo and following him around her first time out, she was all over Mamacita last time, and today she couldn't get enough of Sputnik. The two of them were nose-to-nose in the packmobile, before our hike. When we reached the mountaintop, they shared the moment by sniffing each other nose-to-nose again, while Rucksack and Mamacita looked out over the terrain. I wonder, who will Zoe take an interest in next time?

Variety Pack

Milo was happy to hang out with fellow doodles, Rucksack and Roger Roger, this afternoon. Roger Roger and Milo were very playful when they first greeted each other. Once we got walking, everyone was more interested in sniffing around than in trying to play. With the cooler weather and the cloud cover, it was a very pleasant afternoon for our walk around Wonderland Lake. We got back to the car just as it started sprinkling, and the real downpour came just after I dropped Milo back off at home.

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