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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Sputnik, Rucksack, Roger Roger, and Griff walked the Boulder Creek Path together this morning. We didn't encounter any kids who asked to pet the dogs like yesterday, but everyone had a good time walking together and wading through the creek when we made a stop by the water. We passed some other dogs along the way, and the pack all trotted by calmly. There was one point when Griff stared into a parking lot to the side of the path and pulled a bit on the leash, but I couldn't discern what had caught his interest, and the other dogs didn't seem to take notice of anything.

Variety Pack

Roger Roger harassed his big brother Rucksack minimally at the park this afternoon. Griff got Roger Roger's attention early on and the two of them ran around together for a bit. Griff found several friends to race around with during the visit. Rucksack grabbed up a tennis ball and carried it around with him. Roger Roger and Coco both played a little bit of fetch. Everyone made use of the kiddie pool.

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