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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The streams at the Red Rocks Trails by Settler's Park are running again! Sputnik, Colby, Racer, and Griff all had fun wading through the water. Racer couldn't get enough of it, and just wanted to stay for as long we could. Griff, Sputnik, and Colby all hopped out after a couple minutes, but Griff rejoined Racer when he realized we weren't moving on yet.

Variety Pack

Zoey left the fetching to Isaac for most of our park visit today. She wandered around the park, sniffing all over the place. Benny took his time as he followed me around from a distance and lingered in shady spots. Isaac played all the fetch he could, only stopping to take dips in the kiddie pools. During the latter part of our visit, Zoey made friends with a playful, young pup and the two of them raced around together. Then, they both started chasing after tennis balls along with Isaac. By the end of our visit, everyone - even Isaac - was tuckered out and content just to lie in a shady patch of grass.

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