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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Racer has been steadily improving at walking on leash with the pack. She still pulls at times, but she is going for longer and longer durations at my side on a loose leash, even when Griff isn't helping to box her in. She and Isaac wanted to splash around in the stream for as long as they could during our hike this morning. Griff and Sputnik were in and out. The two of them stuck close while they explored off-leash along the Anemone Trail.

Variety Pack

Isaac was able to enjoy a lot of fetch with minimal trips to the kiddie pool, due to the overcast weather we had this afternoon. Nonetheless, he still made sure to hop in and get soaked a couple times. Zoey was happy to get some attention from a friendly, young man who was at the park with his Golden Retriever, Addie. It turns out he had a Golden Retriever named Zoey when he was younger, and he was happy to give our Zoey some love.

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