Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Little Zoe was very excited to get out on the trails with her packmates today! She pulled a bit during the hike, but was manageable. She and Sputnik did a lot of sniffing together in the tall grass beside the trail. Zoey was over her stubborn ways of yesterday, and trotted along with her packmates without all the sudden stops. When we took a break at a crest along the Anemone Trail, little Zoe was really loving Mamacita. She kept hopping up to give Mamacita kisses on the cheek. It was adorable, and I managed to get the phone out for a photo while she was doing it.

Variety Pack

Isaac, Zoey, Benny, and Oliver enjoyed a walk at Wonderland Lake this afternoon. Benny was the one making sudden stops today. After letting him sniff around and leave a few scent marks in the grass during a couple stops, he was satisfied and then kept up with the rest of the pack. Zoey continued to walk along nicely with the pack just as she had this morning. Oliver and Isaac were dutiful walkers who kept in position and happily followed along, as they usually do.