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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Ruffers rejoined the pack today! She and Sputnik greeted each other with a lot of excited wiggling. On the trails, the two of them spent a lot of the hike side-by-side, while Mamacita was on leash with me. Mamacita wiggled in the tall grass and slid down the hill back to the trail. When she realized she was no longer in the grass, she stumbled back up onto her feet and shook it off. We sat at the Chautauqua Park for a few minutes at the end of our hike, and Ruffers and Sputnik made play moves together. After Ruffers lost interest and Sputnik dropped into another play-bow, Mamacita belly-crawled up to him and then flopped over onto her side. The morning was full of silly, playful energy!

Variety Pack

Zoey and Mamacita walked the Bear Creek Path together this afternoon. A biker zoomed past us warning, cutting it pretty close to us. It made me jump a bit, but Mamacita (who was walking to that side of me) didn't react beyond stiffening up a little right as they went by. The bikers we encounter on our walks are usually more polite when they pass by the pack. Otherwise, it was a pretty quiet walk. A light sprinkle started as we wrapped up and got back to the packmobile.