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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Isaac joined the pack for the hike this morning. He was very excited to hop out of the packmobile and get out on the trail with Sputnik, Mamacita, and Roger Roger. Mamacita and Sputnik waded through the tall grass to sniff around and leave scent marks as we made our way along the Baseline Trail. We had pleasant encounters as we passed by a handful of other dogs on the trails today. Everyone hiked along at a pretty steady rhythm, and kept together nicely after the initial scatter along the Baseline Trail. We stopped to sit in the park for a few minutes at the end of our hike, and a little girl was admiring the pups with her dad, from a distance.

Variety Pack

Rey met a couple more pack members today. Sputnik was a little edgy when Rey tried to jump on him, but he relaxed after a minute when Rey stopped focusing on him. I was surprised that Ruffers wasn't more playful with our newest little pack member, since she tends to like mixing it up with puppies at the park. Zoey was all over Ruffers throughout our afternoon outing, so perhaps she just didn't have the attention to spare. We stopped by my place briefly before heading out, and Zoey was so full of energy that she managed to keep both Rey and Ruffers busy with chasing and wrestling. We headed back to the CU South Campus Trails because it's a nice open space with low traffic where Rey can get comfortable with the pack before venturing to the dog park, or on walks along the busier Boulder and Bear Creek Paths. Ruffers and Zoey explored the trails off leash, and whenever they ventured more than a few yards away, Rey pulled to try to catch up and see what they were up to; but they were good about circling back to me, Rey, and Mamacita whenever I called them. When we were all walking together, Rey did a great job of keep pace and following the pack.

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