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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

A small flock of turkeys crossed the Bluebell-Baird trail ahead of the pack this morning. Griff, Mamacita, and Roger Roger all took notice and watched with tense interest until the turkeys disappeared through the brush. Sputnik had to have noticed them, but he didn't pay them any mind. After that, Griff and Roger Roger enjoyed some off leash time together. They explored the trail side-by-side. The pair of them often stopped and waited for us to catch up, without being prompted.

Variety Pack

Zoey enjoyed playing fetch at the park without competition from Isaac. She was hesitant to drop the ball for me at first; but after a while, she started bringing it back to me and leaving it for me to throw again. There were some playful dogs at the park, including a black Lab mix, a yellow Lab, and a Weimaraner. Zoey had fun running around with them for a bit under the shade at the south end of the park. Zoey splashed around in the kiddie pool along with the yellow Lab and Weimaraner. After that, she went back to playing fetch for a while.