Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

No turkey sightings on the trails this morning. Sputnik, Griff, and Racer all wanted to take their time wading through the tall grass along the Baseline Trail and sniffing around, so we took a leisurely pace with lots of stops during the beginning of our hike. Eventually, we got moving at a more regular pace. We stopped in the park at the end of the hike. Sputnik and Colby didn't want to wait for their turns to drink water, so they both lapped it up from the spout at the same time. Racer waiter her turn, and Griff wasn't interested in taking any water.

Variety Pack

Rey was very interested in Colby while they were in the car together again today. Colby alternately gurmbled, curled her lip, licked Rey's face, and sniffed at her belly, while Rey hovered around her with cautious interest. Rey also sniffed delicately at Griff's face, poking him with her nose while he softly grumbled to let her know not to get too pushy. On our pack walk, Rey dove into the tall grass and wiggled around, to be joined by Ruffers. Later on in the hike, we stopped in a field of cut grass and Ruffers, Zoey, Isaac, and Rey all enjoyed wiggling around a bit. Milo wasn't into wiggling in the grass, so he just supervised. Zoey started bouncing around between Ruffers and Rey until I had to get them all to settle down so we could finish up our walk.