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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Roger Roger stuck his face in a plant with a bunch of big, spiny burrs. So, we pulled over to the side of the trail to sit in the shade of a big tree while I picked the burrs out from his chin. An energetic dog passed by us while the pack was waiting for me to finish up with Roger Roger. When the dog started to approach us off the side of the trail, Sputnik and Mamacita both warned him off with growls. I quickly gained their attentions back and had them lie down until Roger Roger was fixed up and we were ready to continue our hike. The rest of the hike was pretty quiet. Griff wanted to make more stops than Sputnik today, to sniff around in the brush. Mamacita wiggled in the tall grass, as she always seems to do on hot days. Roger Roger managed to avoid any further entanglements with burrs.

Variety Pack

Ruffers caught sight of a squirrel in Martin Park, just ahead of where I parked the car. When I opened to door to call the dogs out one-by-one, as I always do, she bolted out to go run the squirrel up a tree. After treeing that squirrel, she caught sight of another one across the park and sprinted for it, too. Once both squirrels were treed, she came back over, job complete. The rest of the afternoon was much tamer, as Ruffers and Zoey walked the Bear Creek Path together at my side. They stopped a few times along the way to sniff around in the grass, but there was no more rodent-chasing.

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