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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

We took our time along the trail at Shanahan Ridge this morning. Rucksack, Roger Roger, Sputnik, and Mamacita all gathered at points of interest, to get a good sniff. Roger Roger and Mamacita hopped and bowed around each other while we hung out in one spot for a bit. After that, Sputnik and Roger Roger explored the snowy trails together. Roger Roger found a stick to carry but, lacking the resolve of his older brother, he left it behind after only hauling it about 50 yards.

Variety Pack

Griff and Coco had a lot of fun snuggle-wrestling together before our walk this afternoon. Each leaned into the other as they tossed their heads around, with jaws wide open. Isaac barked at their display of affectionate horseplay. I don't know whether he was jealous or just irritated by the commotion. Surprisingly, Zoey was not in the middle of the action, but was instead content to just hang out. Once we headed out on the Bear Creek Path, we sauntered along at an easy pace, giving everyone time to sniff at the upturned piles of dirt from the small plow that clears the snow from the multi-use path.

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