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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The trails were sparsely traveled on this drizzly morning at the Chautauqua. Rucksack, Roger Roger, and Sputnik all gradually grew wetter and wetter over the course of our hike. We avoided the rocky ascent to the Third Flatiron, expecting that the boulders would be slick from the rain, and walked around in the park after making our way back down the trail.

Variety Pack

The dreary weather continued through the afternoon, when Zoey, Ruffers, Rey, and little Zoe walked the Bear Creek Path together. Before that, we had stopped by the house to pick up Zoe, and the girls all had fun chasing each other around indoors for a short bit. Rey was at the center of the hubbub, with both big Zoey and little Zoe focusing their playful attentions on her. Ruffers joined in to chase the group of them around, but didn't instigate play like the others did. The walk at Bear Creek was much tamer, and we finished up with everyone getting their wet coats and paws toweled off back at the packmobile.

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