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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Roger Roger, Rucksack, Sputnik, and Mamacita all swam around in neck-deep water at Boulder Creek this morning. We went up to the water at the boulder path that runs right by the new bridge, at the far end of the library parking lot. Rucksack and Roger Roger kept coming out and then going back in, making sure to shake off right next to me each time around. Sputnik capped it off with a big shake right in front of me as I squatted on a boulder at the edge of the creek. Mamacita was more polite than the boys, and did her shaking at leash length, off to my side.

Variety Pack

Isaac, Zoey , and Racer enjoyed a walk to Wonderland Lake this afternoon. Storm clouds hung overhead and thunder rolled in the distance, but it stayed dry for us. Aside from occasional wary looks from Isaac, in response to the thunder, it was a pretty calm walk. At the end, when we stopped in a small grassy field by the house, for a photo, Racer caught sight of something that put her on the alert. She stared intently into some bushes, where a squirrel or rabbit was undoubtedly hiding. Zoey and Isaac didn't notice the disturbance.

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