Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Racer and Sputnik stared silently while Ruffers crept forward into prime position for ambushing Griff, who was sniffing out the trail up ahead. The tension built when Ruffers made her move while Griff was distracted by a noise in the distance, unaware of the game at which he was the center. Ruffers blew past him, without any reaction from Griff. Ruffers came running back a moment later, and this time Griff turned and came running full-speed back toward the pack, with his packmate in hot pursuit. Racer and Sputnik dove into play bows as their packmates approached, and then everyone got pets as they bumped and wiggled around me.

Variety Pack

Today it was Rey making a good example by walking in place right behind me and not reacting to passing dogs, while Avo was the one testing limits. For the first half of our walk, Avo woofed at just about every bike or dog that passed by, though she kept it together enough that she wasn't lunging or throwing fits. Riley stared intensely whenever we approached another dog on the path, but was responsive to small corrections that broke her concentration. Ruffers, Zoey, and Rey all behaved themselves very well. We made a few stops along the way so everyone could sniff around in the grass. At one stop, Avo decided it was play time, so she flopped down in the grass and started rolling around. Riley was quick to pounce on her. I had some success calming them both and encouraging them to lounge without turning things into a wrestling match. All the while, Rey stood right at my side along with Ruffers and Zoey, watching her packmates' antics without joining in the fray. I gave her lots of pets and snuggles to encourage her display of self-control, and then she climbed into my lap. It was very sweet, but made it more difficult to address the naughty pups, so I pushed her back as gently as I could (she's strong!). Eventually, Ruffers got bored and started trying to mount Zoey, so as to initiate their own wrestling match. After getting everyone to chill out for a minute, we continued on our way back.