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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Dylan had a blast in snow today. He led the way throughout the hike, but Sputnik, Ruffers, and I caught up whenever he stopped to roll around. At one point, Ruffers and Dylan ran ahead to greet another friendly dog who was off leash. Ruffers hopped all around; Dylan was also excited and playful, but not as bouncy as Ruffers. Sputnik followed up on leash with me. He didn't growl at the other dog, but he wasn't very interested in interacting. He kept up a steady pace throughout the hike.

Variety Pack

Carl gets very excited whenever we see other dogs on our walks. Today was no exception, especially when we passed by one who wasn't much bigger than him. After we passed, Carl kept turning around and trying to go back to the other dog, as the pack walked in the other direction. Ruffers perked up upon passing by as well, but she accepted that we were moving along and didn't look back. Later on in the walk, a man stopped on the path as we approached and put his hand out, inviting the dogs to him. Lou and Zoey were quick to oblige. A woman passing by also stopped and gave the pack some love. Carl was more cautious about the humans than about the dog he wanted to see. Ruffers happily got some pets behind Zoey and Lou. Afterward, Lou was absolutely beaming with joy from the unexpected attention.

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