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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Griff took it easy at the back of the packmobile while Sputnik, Racer, and Colby all greeted each other with lots of kisses. Colby ran around through the brush this morning, while Griff mostly stuck to the trail during his off leash time. Both of them were very good about coming and checking in when I called them back. Racer had another pretty good day as far as walking without pulling too much. Sputnik

Variety Pack

Little Zoe was super excited to see her new puppy friend, Rey, again. Rey was a bundle of energy today, and was happy to bounce around with both big Zoey and little Zoe during a brief stop at the house before we headed out for a walk. Milo and Isaac both hovered around their rambunctious packmates and offered an occasional bark to punctuate their play. When we walked the Bear Creek Path, Rey took a while to settle down. She really wanted to keep mixing it up with the Z's. Zoey was happy to indulge her, but little Zoe was more interested in sniffing. Zoe spent most of the walk trekking through the grass beside the path, with her nose glued to the ground. Isaac and Milo followed dutifully behind me, balancing out the extra attention and energy I had to devote to keeping Rey on track.