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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Colby and Griff roamed far together at Enchanted Mesa this afternoon. Griff hopped up on a tall boulder to better survey the land, and was joined by Racer, who also wanted to get a better vantage. Sputnik was fine hanging out on the trail with me, and Colby was already off ahead, sniffing around. While exploring the terrain, Griff stumbled upon a patch of burrs that ended up stuck all over his face, leg, and shoulder.

Variety Pack

The pack was greeted at the gate by a pup named Koko who played with Rey last week. As soon as the gate was open, the two of them were rolling around together and gnawing on each other's faces, as puppies are wont to do. Milo, Zoey, and Coco all ran off and greeted some other dogs, while Isaac stayed on leash with me for the beginning of our park visit. Eventually, Zoey and Isaac both found tennis balls and I played some fetch with them. Milo occasionally snatched up a ball when he was in the right place at the right time, and Coco caught the short throws that I made for her. After Koko, left, the pack were entertained by an Australian Shepherd who loved to play rabbit while the rest of the dogs chased after him.

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