Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The pack wanted to make a lot of stops along the trail to sniff around in the patchy snow. Griff and Racer sniffed hello with a friendly dog we passed while Sputnik and Colby stood at my side. Sputnik eventually started grumbling a little before the other dog moved on, while Colby whimpered with uncertain excitement. Sputnik had taken a long break from licking Colby's ears, but he was back at it today. Maybe it's the colder weather that brings it out in him.

Variety Pack

Rey had fun chasing Coco up the trail at CU South Campus this afternoon. The pair of them happily greeted a small group of dogs, and Rey particularly had fun running around with one of them until we parted ways. After that, Zoey, Coco, and Rey all stuck close while they were off leash. Meanwhile, Isaac and little Zoe trotted along on leash with me. On the return leg, we focused more on walking together at a heel, since Zoe and Rey could both use the practice. Isaac and Zoey were both great. Coco pulled ahead every now and then, but I cut her some slack since she's only working with three legs - instead of making her backtrack to get back into position, I just had her wait in place until we catch up.