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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Racer has really improved at walking on leash with the pack. The progress has been gradual and two-steps-forward-one-step-back, but I really noticed today how she stayed at my side for most of the hike. The only time she really pulled was when we passed through a shaded gully where the ground was still covered in snow. Griff, Colby, and Sputnik were all reliable leash walkers as usual. Sputnik bristled a little at some passing dogs, but kept it together. Colby whined when we passed by people. Griff just trotted along at my side.

Variety Pack

Benny, Zoey, Coco, and Isaac walked at the Settler's Park trails and Boulder Creek this afternoon. Zoey was fully puffed up after a visit to the groomer yesterday. Everyone sniffed around a lot at the trail head, and Benny and Coco peed several times each. Later on, when we passed back through the trail head, Coco found a stick to chew on for a bit while her packmates just hung out.

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