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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

There are still a few small patches of snow hanging on in the shady spots along the Bluebell-Mesa trail. Roger Roger and Racer were happy to pull off over to one of the patches and enjoy what was there. Roger Roger flipped down for a wiggle while Racer chomped on some snow. Rucksack and Sputnik trotted through the patch, but didn't really do anything with the snow.

Variety Pack

Zoey found a deflated soccer ball at the park and carried it around with her for most of our time there. At one point, she started tearing out a silicone liner from inside it. I got the ball and pulled all the liner out so she wouldn't swallow it. She was still super excited to play with the ball. Later on in the visit, when I was throwing it for her, Milo ran over and beat her to it, then stood over it proudly for a minute before leaving it to Zoey. Milo found a Husky to play with, and the two of them had lots of fun wrestling and chasing each other around. Milo also joined in a big, long chase where Avo played rabbit. Rey and another dog also joined in the chase, and they all had a good run. After the chase, Avo and Rey wrestled around with each other. All the while, Racer was chasing down tennis ball after tennis ball.

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