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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Sputnik and Colby had fun running around together in the fields as we headed up the Chautauqua Trail this morning. A little later on, when we came upon more hikers, Sputnik went back on the leash and Griff got to explore in the brush with Colby. Some of the people we came by asked if they could pet the pack. Sputnik was quick to go up and get as much love as he could. Racer soon followed him for some pets as well, while Colby and Griff preferred to keep to themselves.

Variety Pack

After making friends with a Husky at the park a couple weeks ago, Milo was drawn to another Husky who showed up during our park visit today. After following him for a while, Milo eventually got him to play with him. Milo also enjoyed wrestling around with a fluffy, white dog who looked like it was also a Husky or maybe a Husky mix. Mamacita was interested in the white dog, and went over to sniff him a couple times. She had a playful bounce in her step throughout our park visit. Isaac, Avo, Zoey, and Rey all chased down some tennis balls on and off throughout our park visit. Avo had fun getting Rey and Milo to chase after her, but then Rey and Milo were so worked up from the chase that they didn't respect Avo's space once Avo got tired out and stopped running. Milo backed off when I called him, but I had to step in to intervene between Rey and Avo as they kept trying to get the last point in with each other. Isaac splashed around in the pool of dirty water by the spigot at the south end of the park. Avo snatched a crumpled up ball of aluminum foil that someone had left out from their lunch, but she didn't tear it up and she let me take it after she carried it around for a minute. Zoey found some holes that other dogs had started, and she lent her efforts to the cause by digging them a bit deeeper.

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