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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Today was a day of interesting animal sightings! We didn't come across any bears, but we did see a lot of cows just off to the side of the trail at CU South. Griff and Rucksack didn't seem to care much about the bovine grazers. Sputnik perked up at the sight of them, but didn't go nuts. Avo, on the other hand, whimpered with excitement as she watched the nearest cows that we passed. Before coming to the cows, a large hawk flew low across the trail about 30 yards ahead of us. At one point as we were passing by the cows, we came upon a huge bull snake that was stretched across the middle of the trail. We waited some distance off, until the snake slithered off into the brush. None of the dogs seemed to notice it. Then, after we passed the hawk, the snake, and the cow pastures, a lone deer hopped across the trail ahead of us. Avo was so intensely interested in the deer that she stood upright on her hind legs for several seconds, balancing. She then stared at it for a minute or two until it made its way off into the distance. Meanwhile, her packmates only had a momentary interest in the deer, and stopped paying attention after it was across the trail and on its way.

Variety Pack

The animal sightings continued as we came across a rabbit by Wonderland Lake this afternoon. Zoey, Sputnik, and Avo all took notice, and were all ready to launch into a chase. The rabbit quickly darted into some bushes and out of sight, and then the pack settled down about as quickly as they had gotten worked up. Thunder clapped in the distance periodically as the pack took their walk, but we stayed dry.

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