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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

We had some cloud cover to mitigate the heat today, so we headed up the mountain. As we neared the stream, Rucksack and Roger Roger ran ahead to jump in. Sputnik and Isaac were eager to follow them and to get into the water themselves. I noticed a strange musk in the air that made me wonder whether there might have been a bear nearby. We headed up to the Red Rocks, and the scent gradually faded on our way up the mountain.

Variety Pack

They grey cloud cover took on a stormy look over North Boulder, as a continuous roll of thunder grew more and more noticeable. We headed to the Bear Creek Path in South Boulder, where a clear patch held overhead. When we stopped in a grassy park for a photo, Isaac started rolling around on his back. Rey and Zoey seemed mildly amused by their packmate's antics. A short bit later, Rey caught sight of a crow, perched atop a fence. She leapt toward it, which tipped off Zoey next to her. The pair of them strained toward the crow until it flew off, agitated by their attention.

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