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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

It was good to be back with the pack after a nice vacation visiting family in New England! Zoey switched to the Adventure Pack today, and Sputnik was very happy to see her. They have had several affectionate - even amorous - encounters while staying over together, and the sparks were still flying on our outing this morning. Zoey didn't show any sign that she minded Sputnik's several attempts to mount her, but I broke up the funny business. Mamacita started to limp at one point, after stepping on a cactus pod. I checked her paw and found the prickly culprit nestled between her foot pads. She struggled a little to balance on three legs as I plucked the impediment free, along with a couple stray needles it left behind. After that, Mamacita went straight to the grass to wiggle around, and was briefly joined by Sputnik. After a few dips in the ditch, Rucksack started showing Zoey some affection as well, by performing his signature ear-licking.

Variety Pack

Roger Roger and Benny wandered off leash at CU South while Oliver and Rey stuck to the trail, on leash, with me. Roger Roger and Benny were mostly doing a good job of coming when I called them away from the mucky ditch water, but Roger Roger managed to slip in a couple times when I was distracted with his packmates. On the return leg of the loop, Roger Roger rinsed off in clearer water. Benny, Rey, and Oliver all waded around a bit, too. We came across Rey's other caretaker, Jacqui, along with her own pack, and Rey ran up to them full of excited wiggles. Roger Roger and Rey ran around with Rey's other friends for a bit, while Benny lumbered over to a shady spot on the bank of the ditch, and Oliver hung out on the trail with me and Jacqui. Eventually, Oliver let out a single bark to let me know it was time to move on. I took Oliver's queue, and we headed along. Rey lingered behind for a moment, basking in the joy of the surprise encounter with her other crew, and then came running to catch up with a big smile on her face.

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