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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Mamacita lay in the grass for a minute before working up the energy to wiggle around in it. When she stood up, Isaac stepped over with his nose to the ground. He seemed to be assessing whether Mamacita's wiggle spot was good enough for his own enjoyment. After sniffing for a moment, he decided he would save himself for some other spot. It turned out that spot was not to be found today. Roger Roger, Riley, and Sputnik showed no inclination to join Mamacita in her grass-wiggling.

Variety Pack

Ruffers was back out with the pack today, after spending the summer away! Our new pack members Dylan and Poppy both greeted her with calm and curious sniffs, which she returned in kind. After that was out of the way, Ruffers turned her attention to Zoey and became more animated in her enthusiasm to see one of her old friends. When we first set out, Ruffers and Zoey caught sight of a rabbit and both looked like they were on the verge of attempting to bolt for it. It quickly took cover in some shrubs, and once it was out of sight, I was able to draw their attention and get moving away. As the pack made their way along the trails around Wonderland Lake, Cooper and Dylan were out of sync in their scent marking; except for one time when they both simultaneously decided to pee on opposite sides of the same bush. Poppy was excited to get going, and showed it by pulling ahead for most of the walk. We passed by a couple noisy dogs whose backyard abuts a stretch of trail. Dylan responded to their alert with his own noisy retort, and Poppy got so worked up that she slipped her collar. Thankfully, Poppy, only ran about 20 feet away, then ran back, and repeated that a few times before coming to me to get her collar back on. A little while after all that, in the last 10 minutes of our outing, a little boy on a bicycle observed to his mom, "Look at how good all his dogs are!" I chuckled to myself, thinking of the exchange a short while beforehand. But the little boy's observation did reset my perspective, and I appreciated how nicely the pack walked together through the final stretch.

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