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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

It was the perfect morning for a walk along the Bear Creek Path with Sputnik, Roger Roger, Milo, Mamacita, and Griff. Sputnik and Mamacita interrupted the walk a few times, to sniff beside the path, but we otherwise enjoyed a nice pace on a warm day with a cool breeze. We passed by a dog who we saw last week. We gave them a wide berth before, since Sputnik isn't always the friendliest toward unfamiliar dogs. This time, we passed a bit closer and Sputnik gently wagged his tail with his ears perked as we went by. Of course, he then had to stop and leave a scent mark. While he was doing that, they passed by us. Then, when the other dog stopped to sniff, we passed them again, the pack all with equally cheery dispositions.

Variety Pack

Racer was completely unhinged with excitement to get into the dog park and start chasing tennis balls. I held her back for a moment as her packmates went in. I let her go when her whining had subsided somewhat, and then she raced into the park, anticipating the first throw of a ball. Some throws later, she had worked out the initial burst of frantic energy, and settled into a more measured level of excitement. Meanwhile, Ruffers and Riley were busy going around and sniffing hello with everyone. Rey joined in a chase, but I pulled her aside when it was clear that she and two other dogs were ganging up on one pup. Milo and Zoey were wandering and sniffing around. Milo followed a white Husky for a bit and made some playful moves. Ruffers found a friend at the south end of the park, and the two of them chased and dodged around with each other. Zoey played some fetch, while Racer continued to chase after tennis balls and even brought a few of them back. Rey and Riley found another young pup to chase - but much as with Rey and the playmates she found earlier on, she and Riley were ganging up and not giving the pup enough space. Rey has usually been very good about adjusting the intensity of her play to the demeanor of the other dog, but today she didn't seem to take the hint. Riley didn't help the situation when she joined in, chasing after the overwhelmed pup. We had a time-out to cool down after that.

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