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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Dylan made the most of the patchy snow on a shaded stretch of the trail at Shanahan Ridge, by rolling around in it a couple different times. Roger Roger preferred to munch on the snow rather than roll in it. Sputnik didn't care much about the snow either way. When Dylan wasn't busy wiggling around in snow, he and Sputnik were having a good time roaming the edges of the trail and sniffing around shoulder-to-shoulder. Sputnik backtracked pretty often to check in with me and Roger Roger, while Dylan usually waited up ahead until Sputnik would catch back up with him.

Variety Pack

Ruffers, Lou, and Zoey all enjoyed walking at Wonderland Lake on a very nice afternoon. We passed by some friendly pups, and one who made a crying fuss when his mom had him sit at the edge of the trail as we went by. Ruffers and Lou briefly strained to look at the wailing puppy before we continued on. Zoey deals with enough puppy attitude at home nowadays, and had no interest in the drama.

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