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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

A friendly puppy came up and sniffed hello with Sputnik, who wagged his tail as they checked each other out. He, Griff, and Racer all hung out on the side of the trail to let a number of other hikers - both human and canine - pass by on the narrow, mountainside path. They got several comments about what a well-behaved crew they were. Later on, Sputnik unfortunately got upset about a young, male dog who was walking up the center of the trail with a stiff posture and hackles up. Griff hopped over to say hello just before Sputnik lost his cool and made a fuss.

Variety Pack

Rey and Avo ran up the trail together at Settlers' Park, when I let them off leash. The chasing was short-lived, and they preferred to just sniff around the trail, for the most part. We had a slow start to the hike, and Mamacita and Zoey both wanted to check out numerous spots along the way. A little further into the hike, Rey took on a very determined look, and disappeared amongst rocky outcroppings down the mountainside. As she emerged from another spot a little down the trail, I saw the fleeing deer whom must have been the cause for her diversion. Avo also noticed the deer, and took off back up the trail in pursuit of them. They had a large lead, and Avo gave up the chase as she realized there was no way she was going to catch up. I put Rey and Avo back on leash with Mamacita and Zoey after that, in case there were more deer lurking in the area.