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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Griff led the way on our hike up the Mesa Trail today. Sputnik followed up behind him, munching on snow here and there along the way. Racer did a lot of sniffing and chewed on some twigs, but didn't really go for the snow. Sputnik's streak of good manners continues, so I have gradually been giving him more and more leeway when we pass by other dogs. For the first time in a while, he wasn't at all hesitant to hop out of the packmobile with Racer and Griff. Griff made a few sprints while he was off leash on the trail, but Sputnik did not give him any pursuit, so his runs didn't go for very long.

Variety Pack

The pack posed beautifully for a photo at the beginning of our walk that started at Martin Park this afternoon. Then, after a moment of me having everyone's attention, Avo sniffed at Mamacita and braced herself in a playful pose. Mamacita perked up, and Avo dropped into a low bow, with her tail wagging, which was enough to elicit a similarly playful display from Rey. The two young ones wrestled for a minute while Mamacita oversaw and Zoey acted above it all. The rest of the walk after that went very nicely, with the dogs all behaving themselves well as others passed by on the path. Each pack member was thorough in sniffing various stops along the way.

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