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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Sputnik, Griff, Colby, and Racer all investigated the scents along the Baseline Trail with great care. We took our time for that first stretch of the hike, with a lot of detours so the pack could really check things out in the tall grass. Griff got a break from helping to rein in Racer, and instead walked at my other side with Sputnik today. At my other side, Colby and Racer kept switching places and getting their leashes twisted together. Racer continues to be on-and-off walking at a heel. Sometimes, she does a great job! Other times, she pulls without any regard for sticking by my side. I stopped occasionally to give her lots of love and attention today when she had been walking at my side, and the rest of the pack also got pats and neck scratches in turn.

Variety Pack

I saw the squirrel this time, so I was ready for Ruffers when I opened the door to the packmobile to begin our walk at Martin Park. Having gotten her attention before opening the door, it wasn't too difficult to keep her from bolting after the squirrel. The walk after that was pretty low-key. Isaac wanted to stop and sniff around in the grass a bit more than usual. Bike riders gave us friendly notice, "on your left!" when they passed by us. Zoey and Ruffers had a brief bit of playful dodging with each other that was interrupted when Isaac dove in between them to try to command Zoey's attention. We stopped in the shade of a tree for a moment, and Isaac lay down and made himself comfortable while Ruffers and Zoey stood around and waited to get walking again. We didn't linger very long before moving on.

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