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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Sputnik was excited to have an equally energetic packmate to run around with on the trails this morning. Roger Roger chased Sputnik around with vigor, but also listened and came to me whenever I called them back to settle down or just check in. Mamacita was content to just follow along with me on leash. Isaac tried to bolt after his packmates the first time they broke out in a run, but he didn't take it too hard when I kept him on the leash. He tends to nip at the other dogs' flanks in an attempt to herd them when they get too rambunctious, so he stayed with me and Mamacita through the hike this morning.

Variety Pack

Zoey sniffed around in the tall grass beside the trail as we walked around Wonderland Lake this afternoon. We made a few stops along the way, so she could check out all the spots that caught her attention. Isaac lay out in the grass at Wonderland Park after we made our way around the lake. He kept burying his nose in the grass and inhaling deeply before he rolled over and started to wiggle in it.

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