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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Rucksack rejoined the pack today after taking a long rest to heal from a broken leg he suffered as a result of a rabbit chase gone poorly. He stayed on leash with Mamacita, as he is getting accustomed to walking without a cast on irregular trail terrain again. Sputnik and Roger Roger enjoyed a bit of chase with each other. Roger Roger tends to get carried away with his big brother Rucksack, and starts barking and biting at his legs. Sputnik has no patience for that sort of stuff, but he knows Roger Roger well enough not to overreact either, so they made a good pairing for play.

Variety Pack

Zoey and Griff had a pleasant jaunt around Wonderland Lake. A breeze picked up as some storm clouds rolled in, but the skies held with only the slightest hint of a sprinkle. After taking note of a post regarding rattlesnake sightings in the Wonderland Lake area, I watched closely whenever Griff or Zoey stepped off the side of the trail to sniff around in the grass. We didn't encounter any rattlesnakes, but I'll remain alert when we're in the area.

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