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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Racer loves drinking from the CamelBak. She nosed in impatiently while her packmates Sputnik and Colby were taking their turns re-hydrating on the trail today. Colby and Griff had some fun exploring off leash together. Racer was pulling more than usual today. She still needs more practice with better leash-walking habits. Despite today, she seems to be having more and more frequent days with minimal pulling, as she grows more and more used to the routine.

Variety Pack

Rey found plenty of puppy playmates at the park again today. There were two pups with whom she spent most of her time, but she also wrestled around with an older Basset Hound and a very young (10 week) Pit Bull/Bulldog mix. She mostly just let the little one crawl around on top of her. She has been impressively well mannered and socially aware for a young pup. Meanwhile, Isaac had a pushy dog following and harassing him while he was playing fetch. It put him on edge and made him snappy, so he went on leash for a little while until Rey tired of her first playmate. Then, we all headed to the other end of the park and Isaac went back to playing fetch. Zoey also played a bit of fetch, but she spent long periods holding onto her ball in between. Milo trotted around the park - sniffing along the fence line, greeting other dogs, and occasionally running back to me with a bouncy prance in his step and a smile on his face. At the end of our visit, Zoey found a rope toy and decided to extend our stay another 20 minutes so she could play keep-away.

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