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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

After the first ten minutes of our hike, when everyone wanted to go sniff at different things along the trail, everyone - including Racer - settled into place and went the rest of the time with almost no pulling at the leashes. The one exception was when a deer hopped away from the trail up ahead of us. Colby leapt to attention and watched with perked ears, but she didn't pull anymore after the initial jump. Griff, Sputnik, and Racer somehow didn't seem to notice the deer at all, despite Colby's alert to the disturbance.

Variety Pack

Oliver and Benny joined Isaac and Zoey for a walk along the Bear Creek Path this afternoon. Benny and Zoey both wanted to stop and sniff around the park when we first set out. After lingering in the grassy field for a little while, we got moving along the path. Benny fell into a prancing gait, and kept nudging my hand playfully with his nose. When we came to another field further down the path, Benny and Zoey sniffed around a tree while Isaac and Oliver checked out the grass.

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