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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Mamacita found two opportunities to wiggle in the grass today. For her first go, the Sputnik, Roger Roger, and Rucksack stood at the edge of the trail and just watched their packmate being silly. Later on in the hike, Roger Roger and Rucksack were hiking along off-leash when Mamacita dropped into the grass again. Sputnik sniffed around her while Rucksack and Roger Roger did their own thing a little way up the trail. Roger Roger was far better with his brother Rucksack than he has been in the past. He didn't bark or bite at his legs at all. I wonder whether his recent hiking/play experiences with Sputnik have made an impression on him and gotten him to think twice about his drive to harassment.

Variety Pack

Zoey was excited to stumble upon packmate Ruffers at the Valmont Dog Park this afternoon. The pair of them ran around with excitement upon recognizing each other. After Ruffers left, Zoey turned her attention to fetch. She was full of energy and worked up a steady pant, chasing down her tennis ball and bringing it back to me for throw after throw. She plopped down next to a bowl of water and soaked her chin while lapping it up, to cool off and slake her thirst.

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