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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Sputnik, Racer, Griff, and Colby hiked up the 2nd & 3rd Flatiron Loop this afternoon. Racer was a bit scattered as we made our way across the boulders on our way up the trail. We stopped a couple times to regroup along the way to avoid any stumbles, since footing can be a little tricky there. Thankfully, the rest of the pack was in sync and made it easier. After that, Racer finally fell into rhythm and stopped pulling around so much. When we stopped to take a water break, I asked the dogs if they were thirsty. Sputnik immediately perked up, looked straight at me, tilted his head, and licked his lips. Racer and Colby also turned their attentions to me, though I think their reactions were delayed until they noticed me grab for the CamelBak spout.

Variety Pack

Zoe, Isaac, and Zoey walked the Bear Creek Path together this afternoon. We stopped in a grassy park along the way and Isaac flopped down to wiggle around a bit. Little Zoe ran around him and then he popped up and the two of them made some playful moves together while Zoey took a turn wiggling in the grass.

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