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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The Chautauqua was bustling today. On our way up the trail, Rucksack became very excited about a dog on the way down. It turned out to be his friend, Finn! Finn's mom recognized Rucksack, and Finn came over to say hi to Rucksack and Roger Roger while Mamacita and Sputnik waited at my side. As we continued on our hike, we came across two different groups of people who were enamored with the pack and wanted to say hello. Sputnik and Roger Roger served as co-ambassadors as they were both eager to offer their heads for pats, to lean against those who obliged, and to give them kisses. Mamacita was a bit more reserved, but she gradually edged closer and then accepted some pats while she sniffing delicately around the people. I was surprised that Rucksack waited a few steps ahead, with his back to the people offering attention. Usually, he is one of the most eager to receive attention from people.

Variety Pack

Isaac and Zoey walked the Boulder Creek Path together this afternoon. They stopped to sniff around every so often along the way. They were especially interested in a spot on a small, grassy hill beside the kids' fishing pond. We lingered there for a couple minutes as they thoroughly combed over a few square inches.

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