Tuesday Pack Activities

Sorry for the lack of photos today. My phone battery was replaced this morning, and the phone was broken in the process. I have a replacement now, but didn't have it on hand for pack activities.

Adventure Pack

Colby ran in big circles through the tall grass today. Griff joined her briefly, but mostly stuck to the trail. Sputnik and Racer walked through the tall grass beside the trail to sniff around at several points along the way. Despite the lack of actual rainfall, the whole pack was pretty well soaked by the time we got back to the car!

Variety Pack

Isaac, Zoey, and Rey walked the Bear Creek Path together this afternoon. Rey was bursting with energy, so I indulged her by taking the pack for a jog at the outset. Rey and Zoey bounded along side-by-side with each other, while Isaac kept pace right at my heel. After that, we stopped in a grassy field to let Zoey and Rey wrestle around a bit. We walked at a normal pace afterwards, until a brief stretch at the end when we went for a jog again. When we returned to the car, Rey dug around in the towels I keep in the back because she still had energy to burn off. She was a real firework today!