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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Griff ran around more with Colby today. The two of them had a lot of fun racing through the brush together. They both got pretty wet, since the grass is still coated with snow in various stages of melting. Sputnik and Racer watched their packmates with interest, but thankfully didn't pull and lunge like Sputnik did with Mamacita did yesterday. Earlier in the hike, when everyone was still on leash, a pretty big buck crossed the trail only about 20 yards ahead of us. Sputnik, Colby, and Griff were busy sniffing along the side of the trail and didn't take notice, but Racer saw the buck and really wanted to go after it. I slowed and let it pass down over a hill before we moved on. Racer looked searchingly in the direction the buck went as we passed through the spot where it had crossed the trail, but it was already out of sight.

Variety Pack

Little Zoe joined Isaac and Zoey for a light hike at the CU South Campus trails this afternoon. We stopped by the house briefly before we headed to the trail, and the three of them all had fun chasing each other in circles around house. When we hit the trail, it was pretty muddy; but the mud didn't stick as much as it did Monday. We passed a Border Collie along the way who wasn't sure what to make of the pack and dropped back as we approached. The Border Collie then gave us a wide berth by trotting through the brush to catch up with his human - who had already continued on by and then chuckled about the effect our motley crew apparently had on her wary pup.

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