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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Sputnik took notice of a squirrel who was hanging out on the tree next to where we parked by the Chautauqua this morning. The squirrel took notice of him, in turn, and the two of them had a long staring contest. Griff also perked up and watched. Eventually, the squirrel headed up the tree and we headed out to the trails. Racer and Sputnik did a bit of romping through the snow beside the trail. Griff and Colby kept to the trail and didn't make detours into the snowy banks like their packmates.

Variety Pack

The pack made two friends at the dog park today. One was a young German Shepherd, and the other was a dog with a wiry, white coat. Isaac, Milo, Coco, Zoey, and Rey all enjoyed playing with both dogs. Rey mixed it up the most, with endless wrestling; but Milo, Zoey, and Coco all joined in from time to time, and Isaac ran after the others with his tennis ball in mouth, whenever the play broke out into a chase. It was an afternoon full of action, and a fair bit of mud as well!

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