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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The pack has gotten a lot of love from hikers at the Chautauqua lately. Today, Sputnik and Racer moved right in when a few young ladies asked to pet the dogs. Griff and Colby both hung back. After a minute of watching her packmates get all the attention, Colby decided she wanted in, too. She ran right up and crawled into one girl's lap to give her kisses. Griff was still unmoved, and just waited on the trail for the others to be done. Racer had one of her better days walking on leash. Even still, she tried pulling ahead frequently; but she seemed to be generally aware of sticking with pack, and it was much easier to regain her attention than at some other times.

Variety Pack

Griff and Zoey roamed around the CU South Campus trails, sniffing in the grass along the way. When Isaac joined them off leash, he and Griff had some fun racing each other up the trail. Cooper, Zoey, and Griff all made a lot of stops to leave scent marks. Isaac kept running down to the ditch to splash through the shallow water.

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