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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

After Roger Roger's foray into the scat pile last Friday, he stayed on leash for our hike today. Early on, we passed a Pit Bull on his way down the trail whose legs scrambled beneath him as he tried to pull over to us. Sputnik responded with a growl, but stayed at my far side and didn't make any attempt to cross over toward the somewhat frantic dog. Mamacita, Rucksack, and Roger Roger all ignored him and walked on, calmly. We pulled over to the side of the trail a couple times when Mamacita slowed down. I expected her to go for a wiggle in the grass, but each time, she just sniffed around for a minute and then was ready to move on.

Variety Pack

Rey has really taken a liking to her Goldendoodle packmates. She was super playful with Milo and Zoey when they all got together today. We went for a light hike around the flat loop at CU South Campus this afternoon. After passing on the opportunities this morning, Mamacita finally went for a wiggle in the grass. Rey looked on with curiosity, but didn't engage with her. Milo slingshotted back and forth, ahead and behind, as we made our way around the trail. Rey always wanted to wait for whoever was lagging behind, and then started walking again once they caught up.

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