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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Griff, Colby, Sputnik, and Racer all enjoyed hiking together at the Chautauqua this morning. Everybody wanted to sniff out a different spot as we walked along a short stretch of the Baseline Trail on our way to the Chautauqua Trail head. Sputnik and Racer got some love from passing hikers as we headed up the mountain, while Colby watched warily from a safe distance, and Griff stood idly by. Racer actually followed at the back of the pack for a long stretch of the hike today.

Variety Pack

There was a Vizsla who ran around with Zoey and Rey briefly, while Isaac started up fetch and Mamacita sniffed around. Isaac, Rey, Zoey, and Mamacita all stuck together as we made our way around the park. Some friendly dogs came over and sniffed hello with everyone. There was a yellow Lab who ran around with Zoey and Rey, and then got some playful action out of Mamacita. Isaac chased his packmates and their friends around in between fetch runs. Rey and Mamacita both played with another Australian Cattle Dog. Later, Rey and Zoey wreslted with yet another pup. Zoey occasionally chased down a tennis ball, and Rey tried it out a few times, too. It was an afternoon full of playful doggies!

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