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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Mamacita wiggled around in the grass while Roger Roger sniffed around her. Roger Roger gave Rucksack a slightly harder time when they were off leash together today, but he was still mostly pretty respectful of his big brother and backed off promptly when scolded for his harassing behavior. After starting the week with bad manners towards other dogs on the trails, Sputnik gradually improved his disposition throughout the week and was perfectly pleasant today. Mamacita exhibited a similar pattern over the course of the week.

Variety Pack

Oliver, Benny, Milo, and Zoey enjoyed a leisurely walk by Wonderland Lake today. Benny dragged a bit at the beginning, but picked up his pace after he relieved himself. It took a few stops for him to finally decide he was ready to go. At one point, a deer crossed the sidewalk less than 20 yards ahead of us and then disappeared amidst some bushes. Benny and Milo both took notice. Benny's interest was passing, but Milo kept pulling ahead and looking around to try to track it. Zoey and Oliver trotted along in step with me throughout the walk.