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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Roger Roger and Sputnik sniffed around off leash together. There was a moment when it looked like they might break out into some play, but then they just walked past each other. Sputnik came over to me, Rucksack, and Mamacita, and resumed sniffing along the side of the trail, while Roger Roger found a stick and chewed on it for a minute. A man asked for a business card on our way back down the trail. The pups were all hanging out calmly until I passed him a card, at which point Mamacita jumped up at him with an intimidating growl. It had been a very long time since she reacted to someone like that, even with all the people coming up to us lately to pet the pack.

Variety Pack

Zoe, Zoey, and Milo walked Bear Creek Path this afternoon. Little Zoe spent a lot of the walk rustling her way through fallen leaves in the grassy strip beside the path. Zoey and Milo trotted along happily, right at my sides.

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